Monday, April 2, 2012

PAD: Day 2

To Marvin, on Number 73
"I like music that makes you cry." -- Marvin Gaye

Clear the smoke from his voice
and you can hear it. The battle.
The ache. The chase of something bigger
than his body, bigger than his song.

Lay down the vocals. Lay down his life.
Change the chord progression and
change a life.

It creeps on me, that feeling when we're
alone on the car, Marvin. When the winds
are doing all they can to harmonize with you.
I clear the smoke and feel it.

I knew your music before I knew words.
I knew you before I knew myself,
your voice all in my head.
It's always been like this:
you, wailing a blanket of blue notes
all around my body. Me, giving in
to the alchemy of your music.

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